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How many times does Drake have to prove himself to be a credible “rapper”?

*Disclaimer: I am a biased Drake fan. Read it anyways and fight me if you want!

Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably seen or heard by now that Drake has submersed himself into another rap beef, this time with former “Clipse” member and current G.O.O.D. Music rapper Pusha T.

I actually had about 3 or 4 paragraphs written up to recap and give a background history of what happened on Friday.

But then I said “eff all that, let’s get right to the sh*ts.”

If you need to know what Pusha T said to send Drake over the edge, there are a billion other hip hop critics and magazines that can give you a full breakdown with a simple Google search. I also just plugged in mad links for you to follow.

I, however, am here to ask one simple question- “What else does Aubrey Drake Graham have to do to prove his credibility as a “RAPPER?”

After all of yesterday’s hooplah, my boyfriend (also an avid Drake fan) and I found ourselves in several separate debates with people who were saying Drake’s rapping ability couldn’t hold a candle to the likes of Pusha T.

And for the life of me, I cannot understand why 7 albums (almost 8) and about 3 mixtapes into his career, that thought even crosses anyone’s mind.

I am not taking anything away from Pusha T as a true hip hop emcee. Surely this battle will be tougher for Drake than the one he found himself in with Meek Mill back in 2015. (Can you believe that was a whole 3 years ago??)

But it is definitely not as clear-cut as Pusha fans are making it out to be, speaking and tweeting as if Pusha has this battle in the bag by a landslide?

My problem is that the argument surrounding Drake as a rapper (not as a singer, artist, or performer) always comes down to “He doesn’t rap ENOUGH,” or “He doesn’t have or can’t make a full blown rapping project.”


If any of your favorite rappers and full blown lyricists had the ability to sing, rap, perform, and dabble in different genres, don’t you think they would?

I don’t see anyone being handed the talents that come with the Drake stimulus package and being like “Nah, I’m cool. I would rather just be a rappity rapper who only has one lane and plays to one fan base instead of becoming the biggest artist in the world, thanks though!’


Drake’s catalogue has MORE than enough songs where he does nothing but show off his lyricism, most of the time without even adding a hook: 2 birds one stone, 5 am in Toronto, 30 for 30, Lord Knows, Tuscan Leather, I’m going in, 0/100, Charged Up, Ransom, Ignorant Shit, Congratulations, 9 AM in Dallas, Do Not Disturb, Draft Day.. need I go on? BECAUSE I CAN!

So boom. Once you make that point, then the next line is always “But he probably didn’t even write those songs!”

Come on, bruh. Pusha got Drake so riled up that he FINALLY spoke on the Quentin Miller ghostwriting rumors with these lines:

“So if you rebuke me for working with someone else on a couple of Vs
What do you really think of the nigga that’s making your beats?”


“And as for Q, man I changed his life a couple times
Nigga was at Kroger working double time
Ya’ll acting like he made the boy when I was trying to help the guy”

So there you have it. Drake even credited Quentin on the songs that he worked with him on, so does that even make him a ghostwriter? Does that discredit Drake’s entire rap career up until Quentin came in the picture for IYRTITL?

Like have y’all never watched the behind the scenes videos and docs showing Drake writing songs on his blackberry phone back in the day? It was literally a running joke during the entire beginning of his career.

And furthermore, (you know folk are serious when they use “furthermore”) do you REALLY think Wayne would have cosigned this man and brought him to Young Money if Drake was just stealing lyrics and songs from some masked man behind a curtain??

I don’t even know if that’s how ghostwriting works. But when I picture it, Quentin Miller is behind a curtain in the studio slipping Drake verses under the cracks.

Of course Drake’s massive fan base, marketing skills and level of petty will always give him the upper hand in any battle, but that doesn’t take away from the fire lyrics on Duppy.


You’re welcome. 🦉

A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Drake doesn’t have a rapping project for you emcee lovers because he CAN DO MORE. He is the most versatile artist in this game and capitalizes on all of his skill sets. Wouldn’t you?

But don’t ever think when them Scary Hours come about, that he won’t step up to the plate and produce a Charged Up, and Back to Back… Or a Duppy.

The audacity.

3 comments on “How many times does Drake have to prove himself to be a credible “rapper”?

  1. Samantha says:

    The proof of the pudding………I’m an older woman who doesn’t sit around and listen to rap all day. But I do hear music on my car radio, etc., and I hear way more Drake songs than the PushaT dude. Can pushat afford to go around and give away all of the money, cars, and other items Drake gave away in God’s Plan?? I think not. Does pushat even do any charity work?? Who knows? All I know is if you ask someone if they know who Drake is, they’ll say “yes”. PushaT? Who?

  2. Barnett says:

    This is great. You really dissect it in an objective manner while still expressing your fandom to him. I love how you dive into the topics of today’s hip hop culture. You break it down in a way that is unique and makes the reader to think of it from a different perspective. With that being said, I must say that Aubrey has the Canadian most ready for Pusha L I mean T, and he wants all the smoke.

    1. alexisbutdtma says:

      Thanks for reading!!

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