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WE tv’s Marriage Bootcamp is a ‘reality’ show with a lot more clout chasing than reality

By Jordan Harris

Let’s just start off with me openly admitting that I’m not the reality TV show type of gal, but when I heard about, season 14 of WE tv’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition,” featuring hip hop stars Waka Flocka, Lil Fizz, Lil Mo, Soulja Boy, Jessica Dime and their “soul mates”…

I had to watch!

As a person who only watches WE tv’s dramatic reality shows when someone else is paying attention, I was quite impressed.

The show is based on five couples living in a mansion together for ten days, working on and building their relationships. On the tenth day, the couple chooses to continue the relationship with the person they walked in with or go their separate ways.

But boy was there drama! A lot of it if I may add!!

However, I can say it was entertaining. And the couples did get a lot off their chest and learned a lot about themselves and their partners and how to work through issues in the future.

My personal opinion? The two couples who had it together the most were Tammy Rivera and her husband rapper Waka Flocka, along with “Love and Hip-Hop” star Jessica Dime and her fiancé, pro-basketball player Shawne Williams. I feel like both couples came into the house already knowing their problems and issues with each other, and were in the process of moving past them but needed help accepting and moving forward.

Jessica’s problems with Shawne was that he was very controlling and that she wanted to set a date for their wedding, while Shawne’s only problem with Jessica was that she was too ratchet.

While this all seems real and believable, there were a few moments that made me question WE tv and how much of “reality” they actually altered throughout the course of the show.


One scene did concern me during one of the challenges. Every person was told to come up with one question they have always wanted to ask their partner. Shawne asked Jessica has she ever cheated on him; Jessica confidently answered “no” but the lie detector test determined…that was a lie. Despite the results of the test Shawne believed Jessica told the truth and was ready to move on. Jessica on the other hand felt like WE tv changed the results of her test and was ready to pack up and leave the show.

There is no telling whether or not WE tv altered the results to stir up drama like Jessica claimed or if she just got caught up, but the situation drew a lot of questions.


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The lie detector test determined…that was a lie? 😲 #HipHopBootCamp

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On one of the final nights of the show the men and the women were both told they had a night out without their partners, not knowing that they were being sent to the same club. After the women found out their partners were on the other side of the same club and  were about to leave, an argument sparked between Tammy and Waka when he was shown getting another female’s number right in front of Tammy.

“How is this clout chasing” you may ask?

…Well after the show aired, Tammy revealed on Instagram that that is not how the conversation went between her and her man at all! She says WE tv switched up her words and edited this scene to make it seem like she was yelling at Waka for getting another woman’s number, but in reality, she was yelling at production for having them out with no security.


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Tonight episode of #MBC was FULL OF SHIT!! The Whole episode!! I know y’all want to make a good show but not at the expense of our REAL LIVES!! We all felt it was some caping going on when @iamdimepiece test came back with “deception” yea ok…. But to know the obstacles me and my husband been through and edit a WHOLE FUCKING LIE IS playing with our whole life like Dime said!! I was arguing with production for having us out at a strip club in LA with No REAL security wide open! My husband wasn’t tripping but I was! Cause I have to watch his back as his wife so I went TF OFF! Streets don’t give a damn about no TV shit! I must say everything has been REAL and truthfully until this episode and I’m disappointed that our real personalities, arguments, laughter and struggles wasn’t enough for you guys that you had to spice it up by EDITING A STRAIGHT LIE! @thelilmoshow @niariley @therealtiffanycampbell @iamdimepiece @souljaboy @airfizzo @dynamitetko

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There’s no telling how mad Tammy really was with WE tv because her and Waka went on to air their vow renewal special “Waka and Tammy tie the knot” with the network. Who knows what to believe??

The final three couples were Soulja Boy and Nia Riley,  who argued almost every day then ended up engaged by the end of it. 


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Scream and shout and let it all out! 😠 #HipHopBootCamp

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There was also Lil Fizz and Tiffany Campbell. This “relationship” judging from the show was not even a relationship. The entire show Lil Fizz barely talked to Tiffany about their problems, and when he did, it was him saying he didn’t want to talk about it. They came to the house at two separate times and even slept in two separate beds.

Oh, and did I mention Tiffany was seeing someone before they came on the show?

Last but not least, the final couple, Lil Mo and her husband, boxer Karl Dargan.

Now this couple was… interesting as well. Karl had a problem with Lil Mo not respecting him and being named “Lil Mo’s husband” publicly. And Lil Mo had a problem with Karl not being faithful to her.

I’m not saying Karl does not have the right to be upset or have feelings but I would say Lil Mo’s problem was a little more severe being as though Karl was actually caught on the show and on 15+ cameras facetiming another woman and encouraging her to tell Karl she loved him.

When the host of the show asked Karl about it, he claimed it was his sister.

Yea, you read it right! His SISTER. Since when do you sneak out of your bedroom in the middle of the night whispering to encourage another woman to confess their love to you?

Anyway, it’s all good though, Lil Mo forgave him so I felt like as a viewer rooting for all women, I should forgive him too, but I hope and pray, he never does it again.

In the end, every couple pulled up to Marriage Boot Camp together and drove out together, except Lil Fizz and Tiffany Campbell, which I kind of already figured.

With all that being said, because networks like WE tv, add, change and influence certain events and behaviors in their cast, YES, I do believe networks like this, Vh1, MTV etc. are clout chasers. On the bright side, Marriage Boot Camp succeeded in the purpose of the show and gave couples the tools they need and to work on their relationships.

At least that’s what they want you to believe.

1 comment on “WE tv’s Marriage Bootcamp is a ‘reality’ show with a lot more clout chasing than reality

  1. Patty H. says:

    Really good article! It brings up a very relevant point that networks will do anything to make a dollar at the expense of others. They edit all the time for ratings. The fact they survived “bootcamp” determined that they can overcome anything – at least that notion is genuine.

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