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An inside look at how she does it: Beyoncé shows us what it takes to hold the throne in ‘Homecoming’

By Gemaica Mitchell

If you did not already think her talent is endless and that she is a phenomenal entertainer; watching “Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé” will prove that.

It has been a year since Queen Bey hit the Coachella stage and the people are still raging over the world-renowned performance. Look no further to seeking small clips on YouTube because Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” film was released April 17th on Netflix.

The film, created and directed by Beyoncé, gave us a much closer, intimate look into an almost year-long preparation of the, now coined, “Beychella” performance. Throughout the film, you can watch the historic performance and footage of the rigorous training and planning of the show.

Beyoncé is the first black woman in history to headline Coachella. She did not take that title and honor lightly. As the first black woman to headline, her objective was to represent black culture in an outstanding, unforgettable way as she sang songs from her 22-year career; hence the headline name “Homecoming”.

She handpicked the best of the best (over 200 people) to create this memorable black excellence performance. With the inclusion of NPHC Greek life, bands and dancelines she paid tribute to HBCUs, black feminism, and prominent black influencers and voices like Malcolm X and Maya Angelou.

Beyoncé’s work ethic is insane but admirable. Her preparation for her Homecoming began shortly after giving birth to Rumi and Sir Carter and she spoke about having a difficult pregnancy and birth of the twins willingly. The way she tore up that stage, no one thought of the exhausting rehearsals, vigorous exercise and the diet she persevered through to give such a stellar performance.

Beyoncé worked tirelessly to make sure every tiny detail was correct, from the background sounds down to shoes and socks. She made sure everything was crisp so the audience, both live and digitally, could connect to the performance. She lets us know all about it in this film. It is a must watch.

Go watch “Homecoming” and check out the “Homecoming: The Live Album” that is available on all streaming services. She is spoiling y’all Bey-hivers, huh?

*As a closing note, I would like to add that after she crushed Beychella she kept it pushing right on to the On The Run 2 tour a few months later. Phenomenal Woman indeed.

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