By Jordan Harris

If the name “That Girl Lay Lay” does not ring a bell in your head then that means you are hypothetically living under a rock, or you are just not on social media.

Either way…. Catch Up!

Alaya High better known as That Girl Lay Lay, is one of many up and coming young rap stars with a bright future ahead of her.

Lay Lay, like many other rappers and artist started on social media with her famous #FREESTYLEFRIDAY.


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Her first viral freestyle dropped only a year ago over Blocboy JB’s “shoot” and is up to over 400k views on IG and thousands of retweets on twitter.


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Once these freestyles became popular and quickly went viral, Lay Lay became a star more and more each day.

These very anticipated weekly freestyles even landed Lay Lay her own RECORD DEAL!!

And NO! Not just ANY-OLE record deal but a record deal with Empire as the youngest female rapper to sign with a major record label at 11 years old, according to XXL Magazine.

That is HUGE!

Since Lay Lay signed with Empire, she has been quite busy being the star that she is.

Recently Lay Lay has announced the “Bounce Tour Live” featuring herself and friends.

For a girl who started off by simply doing what she loved and sharing it on Instagram, she is doing very well for herself.

Lay Lay is not ONLY about the music, however.

In one of Lay Lay’s latest freestyles she announced the upcoming release of her new “Lyric Lip Gloss” line. Coming real soon.

Can’t wait to grab mine!

Lay Lay has done music with Dillon Francis and T-Pain for The LEGO Movie and even performed at LEGOLAND.


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The fame does not stop there. Lay Lay has made an appearance on Nick Cannon’s “Wild-n-Out” and even “The Ellen Show”

…I wish!!!

Those are not the only shows Lay Lay, seems to be working with, however.

Lay Lay, was seen posted up against the “Nick” sign captioning her photo “Stay Tuned”


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I’m excited already… is it a movie? Or a show?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Lay Lay has done car commercials and even had a partnership with the jewelry brand “Alex and Ani” that caused so much attention that the site crashed.

Oh, and did I mention she is from H-Town, which is also the hometown of Queen Bey!!

So, she’s gotta be a star, right?!?

It’s hasn’t even been a year since she signed in August 2018 and Lay Lay has accomplished so much by just starting out on Instagram.

The question is will That Girl Lay Lay stay on top, or will she fall like many up and coming artists in the past?

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  1. Go the Facebook and check out Lil DaDa. She will be opening for Lay Lay on the 18th of January in Greenville SC. She’s been doing this a minute now. Same age as Lay Lay and we coming for it in 2020

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