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About Lexxx

Photo by Shantale Davis

Hey y’all! What’s up?? I’m Alexis J. Shout outs to you for visiting my site! #Winning

A little bit about me? (duh, that’s why you’re in this section). I’m just your average girl from Pittsburgh, PA (Steeler fan til i die) who loves creating content! I earned my Master’s Degree in Media Studies and Production from Temple University in 2017, which kick started my career in reporting and journalism.

I created the LexxxTalkAboutIt platform (formerly known as But…Don’t Take My Advice) as a way to express my thoughts and opinions on what’s happening in the world. I love current events. I’m obsessed with the news (hence the career choice) and most importantly.. I love running my mouth!

And what better way to combine all those elements than to start a podcast 🙂

So that’s what I did. With a little blogging on the side too for when I’m really feelin’ spicy.

I also wanted to create a platform where I could interview some amazing young millennials that are doing their best to make it in this adult life! While I love a good interview with an A-list celeb, I think it’s even more important that my audience hear from people they can relate to, listen to their stories and learn from each others’ journeys. Because at the end of the day, we are ALL just tryna make it *Trey Songz voice*

SO while you’re here, I have a few questions: Have an opinion? Got a hot take? Just want to discuss everyday life?

Me too!

Let’s talk about it! …or should I say.. LexxxTalkAboutIt!  

Follow us on Instagram: @lexxtalkaboutitpodcast


**My opinions are my own. They do not reflect those of my employer or any company that I work for. They also do not affect my ability to be objective, fair, and true in my work as a reporter.

Co-producer for ‘LexxxTalkAboutIt’ the podcast- Jaylen Jordan

Photos: Shantale Davis #ShanShoots


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