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Ep. 15: #LexxxTalkAbout How to Become a Filmmaker ft. Jay White

On Ep. 15 of LexxxTalkAboutIt, Alexis J and Jay are joined by Pittsburgh filmmaker and documentary producer Jay White, founder of Jay White Digital Media. Jay tells us how he launched his career as a filmmaker in Pittsburgh and turned his life around after getting out of jail. After his music career, Jay picked up a camera and became a self-taught videographer and movie producer. He also talks about his latest project, Everyday Hustle, that tells of a single father trying to make a living on his own.

Plus we ask:

  • Is Meek’s new album #Championships in the running for Album of the Year?
  • Is it easier to thrive as a music artist today than it was back then?
  • Why is it that Pittsburgh hasn’t had as much success with rappers as we should have?

Let’s talk about it!

***My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the company I am employed by.


Music: Yung Kartz- Bensound.com

Cohost/Co-producer: Jaylen Jordan @_Itolnlyjay

Special Guest: Jay White @jaywhitedigitalmedia

Special thanks to StudioME

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