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Ep. 21: #LexxxTalkAbout Flexing Your Knowledge ft. Diarra Imani

On Ep. 21 of #LexxxTalkAboutIt Alexis J and Jay welcome special guest Diarra Imani, Diarra is a Pittsburgh educator who designed her own curriculum, Star Seed Cirricula & Workshop Development, that is geared towards educating students and staff on how to better manage race relations. Diarra works to eliminate implicit bias in the classroom and provides resources for anti-racist training in community organizations. Diarra is also an artist, musician, poet and yoga instructor who uses anti-racist based yoga as a teaching tool and a nexus for diverse groups. She tells us what it was like going to Hampton University and transferring out, growing up as the youngest of 4 sisters and much more.

Plus we ask:

  • What are the real advantages and disadvantages of public, private and charter school educations?
  • When exactly is it appropriate to use the term “African-American”?
  • We know college is a scam, but when is it worth it and when isn’t it?

Let’s Talk About It!

***My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the company I am employed by.


Music: Yung Kartz- Bensound.com

Cohost/Co-producer: Jaylen Jordan @_Itolnlyjay

Special guest: Diarra Imani @diarraimani

Special thanks to StudioME

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