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Ep. 22: #LexxxTalkAbout Making Your Own Lane ft. ScoopTV & Ife

On Ep. 22 of #LexxxTalkAboutIt Alexis J and Jay sit down with Pittsburgh videographer, vlogger and music manager ScoopTV and up and coming music artist Ife Ligity.  Scoop tells us how he started his vlog  and YouTube channel interviewing local artists and providing a platform for creatives by just picking up a camera and teaching himself the craft. Also, Ife talks about how he stays in his own lane to make original music and what it took to find his sound. Scoop also talks about how finding his own lane kept him out of trouble and how he spreads the message of positivity around the city.

Plus we ask:

  • Does Pittsburgh have its own sound?
  • What does it take to put together an EP, mixtape or album?
  • How do you react when people turn down the offer to work together?

Let’s Talk About It!

***My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the company I am employed by.


Music: Yung Kartz- Bensound.com

Cohost/Co-producer: Jaylen Jordan @_Itolnlyjay

Special guest: ScoopTV @scooptv24 & Ife @_ife_lig

Special thanks to StudioME

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