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Ep. 35: #LexxxTalkAbout Building Organically ft. DJ Yolacat

On Ep. 35 of LexxxTalkAboutIt Alexis J and Jay talk to Pittsburgh native and founder of the lifestyle brand ‘Organic Culture’ Tom Greene, also known as DJ Yolacat. He talks about how the Organic Culture movement started out as a photography gig and has grown into artist development, apparel and event hosting. Yola also talks about how his early career in social work and his west coast experiences has influenced his creative mindset. He tells us about his recent event the Organic Function that consisted of a cannabis friendly underground hip-hop cypher that collected donations for the food bank.

Plus we ask:

  • What would a legal marijuana industry look like in Pittsburgh?
  • Did XXL finally get it right with this year’s freshman cover?
  • Are the mumble rappers and popcorn song formats killing hip-hop?

Let’s Talk About It!

***My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the company I am employed by.

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Host: Alexis J @alexis.j___

Music: Yung Kartz- Bensound.com

Cohost/Co-producer: Jaylen Jordan @_Itolnlyjay

Special guest: Tom Greene aka Yolacat @org.culture

Special thanks to StudioME

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